Dog Conditions

We understand and appreciate your familie's attachment to your pet dog. No doubt you would like to share this holiday with your dog where there is lots of space for him to run about and enjoy the exercise and change of scenery! Unfortunately, our farm is not properly set-up to accommodate dogs other than our own working sheep-dogs. However, we have tried to do everything possible to please the families who want to bring their pet dogs and, at the same time, respect those guests who do not have a dog. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when you are planning to bring your dog to a farm. Please take the time and read the conditions. Most of the conditions involve plain common sense.
  • You need to bring your own dog food and bed with you.
  • Your dog must have current vaccinations which are required by Australian regulation and standards. (you need to be able to provide documentation if asked to do so)
  • Your dog must be a friendly dog with kids and animals.
  • You should be able to control your dog. It is your full responsibility to stop him from disturbing other people's privacy and comfort. They are also forbidden to chase children unwillingly and not to chase any of the farm animals. You are financially responsible and fully liable for any injury or damage that might happen because of your dog's behavior against other people or their properties, as well as any damage to the farm and farm animals.
  • We take no responsibility for any injury to your dog.
  • Dogs are unfortunately not allowed to enter the home. We can show you a few places where you can lock-up your dog during the night (barking dogs during the night are not welcome!). Some people keep their dogs inside their car during the nighttime. In this way their dogs feel safe because they are familiar with your car and you haven't left them behind.
  • We only accept two dogs at any one time. Please ring prior to your arrival to see if there is a place for your dog during your stay. You must book- in your dog before bringing him with you.
  • If one of our staff ask from you to make some other arrangement regarding your dog, please do not take this as a complaint. as animal lovers ourselves, we will try to be as obliging as possible but we must also consider the comfort of other guests.
  • There is no extra fees or charges for bringing your dog.
  • You must sign a statement adhering to these conditions upon check in.